Wilma Woolf is a Visual Artist working in London. In 2020 she completed a Masters in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins, graduating with a Distinction. In the last two years she has exhibited her work at The Tate Modern, Lethaby Gallery and the Apairy Gallery.


Woolf's core concern is the extrapolation of political injustices told through data, collected testimonials and the communication of this through artistic means. Utilising a successful career as a policy professional in similar fields, her work manifests information in physical form. 

Integral to the meaning of her work is the making process. Her works are often memorialistic in nature and are both labour and research intensive. Through this making process she fulfils a personal devotional need to pay tribute to people whose lives have been affected and interrupted by injustice. 

Woolf's work is noted for being repetitive, organised and often comprising of grids or grid like structures. It is multi-disciplinary in its approach, incorporating installations, sculptural and 2D work, through diverse materials such as concrete, photography, glass, light and ceramics.