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Richard Saltoun Talk:
I Collected You Carefully

In November 2023 I had a huge honour to be invited to give an artists talk at Richard Saltoun Gallery around my work "I Collected You Carefully." I sat alongside brilliant women who have tirelessly campaigned for the rights of women in various ways throughout their lives.

Henry \ Bragg Art, an artist photographer duo spoke about their incredible work photographing the ruinous impact Hull city councils decision to criminalise sex work in the run up to their city of culture award. They described how that single policy pushed the women to work in ever more dangerous areas - their photographs capture all the places these women were then killed. The decision was overturned and ruled unlawful, a powerful example of activism led by the women themselves.

Christine Voge, another photographer spoke about her work in the 1970s photographing the first women’s refuge - her photographs so poignant and beautiful.

I was sitting beside the indefatigable Dickie James, outgoing CEO of Staffordshire Women's Aid who has dedicated her life to this activism. Hearing her talk about the importance of data and the sheer inadequacy of our justice system was both harrowing and inspiring.

Hettie Judah was our brilliant chair, navigating these difficult topics and generously donating both her time on a Saturday morning and also fees to Staffordshire Women’s Aid for our fundraising endeavours. 

Ever thankful to the Richard Saltoun gallery, for having the courage to tackle these topics in their gallery space, supporting women’s art and artists in the most visible and tangible of ways.

Thank you to everyone that came to the talk and believes in art as a vehicle for activism and change.

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