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Domestic at the V&A, Feminist Futures Exhibition 2024

Domestic was invited to be exhibited at the V&A as part of their Feminist Futures Exhibition in April 2024


Domestic was placed in the Kasuma gallery which was the perfect choice, tucked away at the end of the photographers gallery in the quiet amongst the books. The interest and the number of people there all night was inspiring, and the continuing  crowds around the work  meant the (incredible) staff had to re-print the handouts in their 100s. 

The women who are on these plates should still be here. They are our mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, aunts and grandmas. They are loved and cherished and had dreams for a full life. They are ours and we must keep speaking their names and fighting for them.


Although the last plate for Domestic is currently the year 2020, I could make a plate a year and know roughly how many spaces to leave on the grid - that is how predictable this crime is. There are many interventions that we know work that aren’t being implemented. From dedicated mental health care, specialist courts and specifically trained police, properly funded services to help women leave and sentencing guidelines that reflect the crime. The government doesn’t count these women or implement these much needed, evidence-backed policy changes.

The Guardian have recently starting running a list building on the campaign that @kareningalasmith started that counts women killed by male violence and 2024’s running count can be found here.  On average a woman is killed every 3 days in the U.K.

Thank you to everyone who came to see this work and to all those ensuring it can be seen:

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