Domestic - Work in Progress

Domestic is an Installation documenting all the women that have been killed in the UK at the hands of male violence since 2012. Eight individual plates are placed on a table, representing eight years of data. On each plate is the year, the woman’s preferred name, the relation of the person that killed her or her children, and how that woman died. Specifically designed icons create a visual language to communicate the precise cause of death.


The plates are laid on an obsidian black glass table. The glass is so dark that it acts as a mirror to the viewer peering over the table to the plates laid out. It is to reflect that domestic violence is both ageless and classless and can and does affect everyone.


Men’s violence against women during Covid -19 has, on a global scale, proliferated. Every single country that reports on this data has reported an explosion in the violence that is occurring. The UK has been no different, and the number of deaths that have occurred during the lockdown period have doubled. Twice the number of women and children have been killed.

My intentions with the future of this project are to make a plate every year and to exhibit the ever-growing table annually until the violence stops.

My aim with this piece of work is to continue until the institutionalised and systemic acceptance of this human rights abuse is regarded as such and not an inevitable part of men and women co-existing. Rather, to see it clearly for what is, a war on women’s right to exist, freely and without fear of violence. 


This piece of work allows us all to visualise this crime as one continuous crime, not a series of unfortunate, inevitable incidents. It allows us to see that women’s lives are regarded as less important than a man’s right to exercise his rage, control, and violent tendencies.